Limited Edition Lithographs

Since its founding in 1779 Nashville has been a city with a diverse architectural history, and as result there have been many iconic and magnificent buildings and structures as part of its landscape. Sadly not all have survived over the years but those that remain add to the beauty and culture of a great city and serve at a catalyst for current and future generations to preserve Nashville's heritage.

In the mid 1970s Joe Horton chose historic images from his vast collection of photographs to create a series of limited edition lithographs which would reflect Nashville's culture and heritage. Each black and white image was painstakingly retouched by Mr. Horton and then hand colored by local artist and friend Mildred Williams. The result was seven color lithographs depicting Nashville's iconic past. Released in 1976 were Union Station, Ryman Auditorium, The Nashville Wharf and Suspension Bridge while Ryman's Landing, Vanderbilt and St. Thomas Hospital were released in 1981.

Printed on archival cotton fiber paper these lithographs look as vibrant and spectacular as they did when they rolled off the press 35 years ago. They are available in two sizes, a small version which is 11" x 14" and a large version which range in sizes from 20" x 24" to 24" x 27-1/2". The lithograph of Union Station, which is the only numbered edition, is only available in a large version. The size represents the actual size of the paper, the image size will be less in order to allow for custom framing options.